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Social Media Management: What it's like to work with Palm + Pine

Here at Palm + Pine we try to make the customer experience refreshing, enjoyable, and most importantly..seamless! This blog post will walk you through our social media management service from start to finish.

The main reason that a business owner outsources their social media marketing is that they do not have the time to do it themselves or they simply do not want to do it. It could also be that you absolutely hate social media but it’s a necessary evil for your business. Well, that is why we are here! From start to finish, Hailey and I will be your social media support team. We will knock out the content, schedule, monitor, and send reports of what is and is not working! We will take it off of your plate so you can have more time to enjoy what you love! As business owners ourselves, we totally understand how limited your time can get.

So let’s talk about our process and what it’s like to work with us! The first step in the Palm + Pine process is to visit our site and fill out our New Client Questionnaire. But don’t worry! It’s only 8 simple questions that Hailey and I look over before we meet you during our Intro Call (Step numero dos!). After you fill out the form below you will receive the questionnaire.

After answering the questionnaire, you will receive an email from me asking you to use a link to schedule your 15- 30 minute introductory call with us. During this meeting, you can tell us more about your business, what you are looking for, and ask Hailey and I any questions that you may have!

After the call, Hailey and I will meet to discuss your requirements. We will then send you a proposal with a custom package along with a la carte services that you can choose from. This can be found in the same dashboard that you accessed the questionnaire from! You will also receive an email notification.

After reviewing your proposal and if you think that the Palm + Pine team matches your vibe, you can proceed to steps 3-5! Step number 3 would be selecting your service items and signing our service agreement. Step number 4 is to pay your invoice and step number 5 is to schedule your 1 hour strategy call.

During our strategy call we will discuss the services that your selected, your target audience, the services or products that you would like to spotlight and more. We will also review the content outline that Hailey and I have put together for you. We will ask for you to approve each content idea and request any changes that you may have.

After our strategy call, Hailey and I will get to work! Within 48 hours you will receive your social media content for review. This means that we will have all of your graphics, videos, captions, and hashtags ready for your review! Wow, that is fast! Am I right? Anyways, as soon as your review your content and approve each post, we will go ahead and schedule all of your content for the month! If you like what you see, we will go ahead and get started with month 2!

If you have any questions about our Social Media Management services please comment below! If you are interested and would like to get started, head here to complete Step Numero Uno ->

Thanks for reading!

With Gratitude.

Diana Rapine


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