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Video Content Creation | Are Instagram Reels Worth it?

Is posting an Instagram Reel every day worth it?
May 2023 -| 31-Day Reels Challenge Recap

Why We Decided to Do the Instagram Reels Challenge

As a new account on Instagram we were looking for a way to boost our analytics organically, specifically our reach and following. After looking at our data for the first 2 months that we had sporadically posted to our Instagram, we noticed two things: 1.) Carousels performed way better than static posts. 2.) Story posts have a higher reach than static posts. 3.) Reels had the highest reach, engagement, and followership. After realizing this, I researched Reel Challenges and saw the one from Brock and Chalene Johnson. If you want an easy outline to follow, check them out!

Here's what Hailey and I did for the Reels Challenge:

  • We used the reel content planner from the Johnsons for inspiration

  • We used a Google Sheet to create a detailed plan for each reel

  • We planned a day to bulk create and record all of our videos in one day

  • We filmed back-to-back videos for the planned reels

  • We filmed videos of us doing silly things to have for backup like fist bumping, being angry, crying, high-fiving, being excited, etc. All of the emotions that you have as a business owner.

Here's what we learned:

  • Reels are worth the investment!

  • We gained 100 followers due to our 31-day challenge

  • Posting a reel every day can be tiring, have GRIT and keep going!

  • Don't be a perfectionist, be brave, and post the darn thing!

Here's what we decided to do next time:

  • Bulk film in different outfits

  • Create double the amount of reels

  • Set an edit date to have all Reels in drafts ready to go along with captions and hashtags.

Slide through the carousel below to see our results and notes from the Reels Challenge!

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