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A Video Short Success! A Sew Dazzlin TikTok Story

Sew Dazzlin is a custom embroidery design file business that is hosted on Etsy. If you are ever in need for a custom design, please visit their store by clicking HERE. The owner of Sew Dazzlin, contacted Palm + Pine and was interested in making an investment into video short content for his online store.

We were ecstatic since video content especially shorts had been performing so well organically.

We took designs from his store and made a variety of video shorts to highlight his designs as well as situations where someone may need a custom embroidery design file. We produced videos that highlighted designs that someone could use to create the perfect Mother's Day gift, highlighted the opportunity for a kids sports teams to make branded jackets with their logos, or for a crafty sewing business to add designs to their collection. We had free creative reign and it worked! To view and follow Sew Dazzlin on TikTok click HERE!

Within a month, the owner contacted us asking to take a week break. At first, you would be weary but we weren't once he said he had TOO MANY ORDERS!!!

If you are a business owner who has seen a decrease in sales or sales are stagnant, it may be time to invest in a video short content strategy.

Today's mind is changing. People want short, quick, and easy to consume content. With video shorts, you cater exactly to your audience's needs. Here at Palm + Pine we create custom video shorts that relate to the needs of your customers necessary to convert viewers into customers. If you are ready to invest in video shorts, simply visit our website and book your intro call with us today or DM us "INVEST" on Instagram.

What has been your experience with video shorts? If you have not invested in this type of content, what is holding you back? Comment below!

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